The Mainstream Green

Highlighting the ethical sourcing, sustainability, and conservation trends in corporate society


As a young marketing and sustainability student with a passion for social enterprise, I have often met many-a-skeptic who have debated whether sustainability is possible in corporate America.  Indeed, perhaps one of the reasons “green” has yet to become mainstream is because there is an inherent belief that sustainability comes with a hefty price tag.  And yet, as the impacts of climate change become more apparent, there is an increasing demand for sustainability to be a measurable component of the business model.

And so, I offer a blog that will provide commentary on the new and diverse landscape of social enterprise as it challenges the traditional ways of big businesses and incorporates sustainability in new and meaningful ways.  I do not pretend to be a Greenpeace advocate, nor do I pretend that corporate America’s step towards sustainability is one that is entirely moral in motive.  I do, however, strongly believe that a need to be more sustainable is changing the way we do business ( and for the better).


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